Keats at Horsetail Falls

Is That a Cat on a Leash?

My cat Keats had a unique ready-for-anything disposition. He was the kind of kitty that would invite himself into my unsuspecting neighbors’ condos. If they left a door ajar while bringing in groceries, they’d soon find a fluffy black cat surveying their property. Read post ›

Chicken in our yard

From Pennsylvania Dairy Farm to Nashville Suburb

For fifty years, my grandparents owned a small dairy farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They started with four cows in the 1940s and at the peak of production managed a herd of 70 Holsteins. Having several barn cats was always essential to protect the cows’ grain from rodents. Read post ›

Leslie and Bookie

A Rollerskating Incident Forges My Love for Cats

My appreciation of cats started when I was a baby. My family adopted a darling short-haired black cat from the Nashville Humane Association. My sister Kelley named him Blackberry, which the family eventually shortened to Bookie. Bookie was affectionate to all of us, but especially to me. Read post ›

Leslie and Keats at their Pet Partners Therapy Team Evaluation

Could Your Cat Be a Therapy Kitty?

Therapy animals bring comfort and healing to people in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing facilities, retirement homes, libraries, and schools. If you have a confident kitty, I encourage you to think about joining Pet Partners and sharing your loving feline. Read post ›

Treelo lounging at Serendipitree Treehouse

A Magical Treehouse Resort and Home to Treelo

Three miles north of California near the Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest, Out ‘n’ About Treesort features 12 unique treehouses which you can rent for the night. A friendly, well-fed black cat named Treelo oversees some of the property operations — primarily mice and lap control. Read post ›

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